Natural Disaster

Travel Tips, What To Do In Case Of Natural Disaster?

What Precautions Before Departure?

It is essential to keep in mind that not all foreign countries have our level of civil protection. It is, therefore, necessary to learn about what to do in the event of a natural disaster, as well as the warning signs to react to.

Before your departure, it may be useful to collect information on the weather conditions of your destination; storms may be regular in some countries. Depending on the data received, you may decide to continue or change your trip or itinerary.

It will also be necessary, before leaving, to transmit the details of your travel plan (itinerary, hotels, cities of destination, contact details …) to your entourage so that he can reach you and locate you in case of disaster.

What To Do On The Spot In Case Of Natural Disaster?

If an earthquake were felt during your trip abroad, for example, it would primarily choose a hotel “hard” and low or low floors.

If it occurs during excursions, it will be necessary to quickly locate a place without building like a place or a stadium to take refuge there. If you are in a house, it will be best to rush under the stairs: they resist better than the rest of the building. Finally, it will be essential to have with you a small survival backpack with water and a blanket. This one must be able to be carried away in less than thirty seconds.

Finally, if the situation worsens, it will be necessary to consider going to a neighboring region without danger or leaving the country.

What Support Abroad?

For any request for medical care or repatriation and taking into account the events and the coordination carried out by the public authorities, you will first have to get closer to the local authorities if you are on the French territory (gendarmerie, police forces). Police, etc.) or your consulate or embassy if you are abroad.


September 2022